montereySuccess in Monterey!
The Monterey Jazz Festival began in 1958, two years after Clifford Brown’s tragic death in an automobile accident. This year the festival acknowledged the immense musical contribution of Clifford by featuring a screening of Brownie Speaks: A Video Documentary. A large and enthusiastic audience watched attentively as Clifford’s life and career were presented through interviews with his family, friends, and colleagues. Brownie Speaks was one of two films selected to be featured at this year’s festival. We also congratulate the filmmakers of Thomas Chapin: Night Bird Song for their inclusion in this prestigious event. Thanks go to Tim Jackson, Bill Wagner and everyone associated with the Monterey Jazz Festival for their support and total professionalism with every aspect of the production. Many thanks to the wonderful audience and their great questions during the Q&A session! If you’re interested in hosting a screening of Brownie Speaks please leave us a message or email us at: